Top 3 Mistakes with Trying to Lose Weight

Mistake #1 

Not eating enough throughout the day. For most people, it starts with breakfast. A cup of coffee is not breakfast. Start training yourself to eat throughout the day and give your body a chance to burn calories like it's designed to do.

Mistake #2

More workouts don't necessarily mean faster results. Your body needs time to recover. If you're new to exercise, start with just 3 workouts a week and concentrate on your nutrition.

Mistake #3

Your workouts suck! An hour on the treadmill followed by a few ab exercises is not going to get the job done. Start building lean muscle by adding resistance training to your routine. Still, don't forget to get plenty of sleep and get control of your nutrition.


It all starts with proper nutrition. Use this meal plan (grocery list included) to help you get started. 

Barbell Training Works for Toning and Weight Loss

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Here are a few of the new movements we will be learning in our strength and conditioning boot camp.
Imagine the benefits of being able to handle a 35-45 lb barbell. Learning the movements and being able to increase your weight over time.
You can train for strength and endurance with a barbell which makes barbell training ideal for toning and weight loss. Exercises can be modified for your fitness level and you don’t have to be a crossfit athlete to enjoy it.

Rock the Romper the Right Way Workout

To rock the romper the right way you need nice legs, arms and nice looking back. These workouts will help you rock the romper the right way.

Day 1

All body weight exercises. Perform a 1 minute warm-up then each of these 4 exercises for 30 seconds with 15 seconds of rest, for 3 rounds.

The Addition of Rowers at BUF Boot Camp

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Rowers don’t fall into the “machines” category. Or do they? The addition of rowers at BUF Boot Camp have changed the way we train-on a daily basis. They’ve certainly changed the way I program the workouts.

I’ve always prided myself on not having to using machines, such as treadmills or the elliptical, to help my clients get great cardio in their workouts. For one, those machines are expensive and take up too much space. Not to mention, they may require servicing at some point.

Starting with the warm up

Before class starts, members now have the option of performing a 400 meter row or a 300 meter run. This gives them the option to switch things up or take some pressure off of their knees, if necessary. Most people still prefer to run though.

Programming Workouts

For intense cardio we can now add rowing to the list of running, jumping rope, suicides and high knees – whether it’s a timed workout, Tabata or regular circuit.

What muscles are you working?

Upper body and lower body. The rowing movement requires you to use your legs to push off, your arms and back to pull, and your core for leverage. So it’s safe to say that rowing is a full body workout. Add to that, the cardio.

Long distance rowing (1000 meters or so) will leave your legs burning when stepping off of the rower. That’s good though, right?





Try Express Personal Training

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Hiring a good personal trainer can be expensive. Especially if you find it hard to get to the sessions because of work or family life. Money gets wasted and results are hard to come by. This is a bad situation for the trainer as well. They may have been paid already, but they’d also like to have a client that’s getting great results to show others.

Book Your Session NOW!

What is express personal training?

Express personal training is convenient and doesn’t require a monthly commitment. Sessions can be scheduled just hours beforehand and are no longer than 30 minutes.

Maybe you need a workout with a trainer to supplement your current workouts. Maybe the express sessions serve as your primary workout regimen and you need 2 or 3 each week.

Pay for what you need

You won’t get the all of the bells and whistles of conventional personal training: meal plans, weight and body fat tracking, and accountability calls, but that’s fine. Maybe you don’t need all of that.

You just need to get moving.

Of course you can’t out-train bad nutrition, but a good workout goes a long way with helping you build lean muscle, burn lots of calories and give you more energy to get through your days.

Let’s get started today!

What’s the cost?

The cost of each 30 min session is just $20…and that’s it! No commitment.


Interested in Express Personal Training?

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Boot Camp Basics Intro Sessions

BUF Boot Camp Basics Intro Sessions

So, you want to add weight lifting to your workout routine? You know it will help you become stronger, burn fat, and ultimately give you the look you want, right?

But where do you start?

Start with BUF Boot Camp Basics Intro Sessions

start with buf boot camp basics intro sessions

Before you pick up those dumbbells or load up that barbell you may want to ensure you can perform the movements well without the weight.


I’ll be welcoming dozens of new and returning members to BUF Boot Camp at the new location so I want to devote an entire week of evening sessions to coaching these members on basic movements: squat, deadlift, shoulder press and bench press.

The last thing you or I want is to risk injury by having  you loading up with weight and not having knowledge or confidence in your ability to properly perform the movements. Confidence is a major factor, especially if you’ve never picked up a standard barbell. It can be a little intimidating.

The intro sessions will help with that.

These sessions will also introduce you to the various training circuits and formats that I offer: Tabata, AMRAP (as many rounds as possible), EMOM (every minute on the minute). Each day is a different workout. How else can I keep in interesting? Who wants to do the same workout week after week?


These sessions will last about 45 minutes and are geared toward preparing you for our regular training sessions that will begin the following week. That’s when it  gets REAL!

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New Location for BUF Boot Camp: What Does This Mean For You?

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After more than 3 years of operating under the radar in Charlotte, and only being able to offer morning sessions to my members, I’ve finally secured a new location for BUF Boot Camp, but what does this mean for you?

First, let me say, I’m thankful to the folks of Zenith Gymnastics for allowing me to operate in their space during the morning hours. It was great to be able to build a following, develop a fitness program, learn how to operate a business and help my members see results, all for a flat fee. Low overhead is what any business owner strives for.

Those were the advantages. The disadvantages: having to drag equipment out every morning, having to put it away when we’re done, not being able to brand the way I wanted to and, of course, not being able to run evening sessions.

I couldn’t count the amount of times I was asked that questions over the years, “CJ, when are you going to do evening classes?”

My response, “I don’t know.”

So, while I’ve been able to build a community of the years, it has been hard. I expect that to become a little easier when I move into the new location.

This location will be OURS!

Strength and Conditioning at BUF Boot Camp Charlotte

What does this new location mean for you?

Obviously, more classes throughout the day. This will allow for members to stay consistent over a longer period of time. Even as their schedules change they’ll have the option to attend morning or evening sessions.

There will also be “open gym” times, where members can come workout on their own.

What I think most people will benefit from, though, is being a part of a “community”. Being able to meet and build relationships with people whom you may have never come in contact with.

Maybe you’ll become friends.

Maybe you’ll make a connection that will help advance your career.

Maybe you’ll find a workout partner that pushes you.

Maybe that relationship will help you stay on track toward reaching your fitness goal.



Join the Community

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10 Cool Changes You Go Through When Fitness Becomes a Priority

Every wondered what life would be like if you became consistent with your workouts? Here are 10 cool changes you go through when fitness becomes a priority.

  • You’re more comfortable in workout clothes. Every time you go somewhere: out for lunch, shopping, or anything, you’re wearing something that came from a sporting goods store. You don’t mind spending money here because you know that you’re going to get your money’s worth.
  • You look forward to meal prep. You know the benefits of having healthy meals ready for the work week. You don’t have time to cook everyday, nor do you even want to. These 2 hours of meal prep are worth the sacrifice.
  • Your new friends are fitness-minded. You probably met them at the gym or fitness Meetup. You have similar interests outside of the workouts.
  • You are less afraid of mirrors. You may not have been afraid of mirrors before, but now, with the gains and progress you’ve been making, you can’t help but stop and look at yourself. You deserve it.
  • You perform a squat when standing up from the couch. Standing up and sitting down means more to you now. If you’re not sore from leg day you want to perform a perfect squat each time. Maybe next time with one leg.
  • You read nutrition facts. You care about what you’re buying for your meal prep, or snacks. You don’t mind blocking the isles at the grocery store to read the labels.
  • You know your body fat percentage. The 3rd most important number to you, behind your social security number and credit score is your body fat percentage. You don’t care about your weight as long as you look good.
  • You’re used to being sore. This is the price you pay for the gains. Every other day it’s something else, but you don’t mind.
  • You look forward to your next workout. Nothing’s going to stop you or keep you from your next workout. You already have a plans as to what you’re going to do.
  • You inspire others. Your friends, family and coworkers have noticed and you’ve inspired them. You’re their hero.


5 Ways a Strength Challenge Will Benefit You More Than the Treadmill

No pill can do for you what good nutrition, a barbell, some dumbbells and even your body weight can do for you.

Year after year millions of people set out on their fitness journey only to settle for hours of boredom on the treadmill or elliptical.

Here are 5 ways a strength challenge will benefit you more than the treadmill.

Increased Strength

So many clients come to me, after spending months on the treamill, with no upper body strength. They struggle with doing a simple, modified pushup. Turns out, the treadmill does nothing to improve your strength.


Toned Look

When most people set out towards a weight loss goal, they may have a number in mind that they want to see on the scale, but most people are going for a look. They want a toned look.

Toned muscles are result of a consistent strength training.


Increased Fat Loss

Weight loss doesn’t have to be hard. For most, it could be as easy as spending less time on the treadmill and more time on the weights.

The weights, when done right, help build muscle.  Muscle requires more calories to function. These extra calories being burned throughout the day are what’s going to help you lose weight, and more importantly, keep it off.


Better Eating Habits

No fitness challenge should come without a nutrition piece. The real challenge is changing those nutrition habits. By doing that, and seeing the results,  you may pick up habits that will stick with you for life.


Improved Daily Life

It becomes much easier to do the simplest things: from getting out of bed to taking a flight of stairs. With the energy you will gain, your daily life will change. You’ll want to do more activities that require physical activity.

Join the Winter Transformation Challenge.

Enjoy six weeks of strength training and nutrition counseling to promote fat loss and getting closer to your fitness goal. Early-bird pricing for the 6 weeks is just  $79 for new members.

The challenge begins January 9th. See more here.
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12 Keys to Keeping the Weight Off After Losing It

Ask anyone who has every gained an unwanted amount of weight and lost it, “What’s harder, losing it or keeping it off?” Most if them will probably tell you that keeping the weight off after losing it is the toughest part. Losing too much weight too quickly or taking an unreasonable, unsustainable approach is are sure ways to have you struggling to keep weight off.

Try These 12 Keys to Keeping the Weight Off After Losing It

  1. build muscle – Muscle is what’s going to give you the curves you want. It looks much better than fat. It also takes much longer to break down, and while you have it, it’s going to keep those calories burning. However, if you don’t use it (or maintain it) you will lose it!

    Focus on getting stronger and building muscle
    Focus on getting stronger and building muscle
  2. avoid too much cardio – You’re not building any muscle running on the treadmill or whatever it is you do on the elliptical. Go and pick up some weights and chase that burn. Don’t be afraid of the soreness the day after. It will do away and won’t be as bad the next time around. Plus, cardio gets boring.

    there is a safe option that will yield better results than the elliptical
    That treadmill will not only get boring, but it’s not as effective as resistance training.
  3. avoid crash diets – How long do you think you can stay away from the foods you love? You can still eat what you love…just eat the foods you need FIRST! Fill up on the veggies and protein and have a piece of cake (if you must) afterwards.

    want to lose weight versus ready to lose weight
    The hardest part is giving up the foods you love
  4. keep reasonable workout schedule – 3 to 4 days a week of exercise is much easier to sustain than 6 to 7. This way, you don’t feel like a loser if you have to go out of town for the weekend. Enjoy that time with family.
  5. change things up – There is more than one way to skin a goat (or cat). Change up the workout every few weeks. Instead of a barbell, use dumbbells. Instead of supersets do compound sets. Change up the rest intervals.
  6. stop making excuses – When you do start to see results it’s easy to start slacking off. Remember, everything gained can be lost. Keep up the good work!

    Stop making excuses
  7. fight “shiny object syndrome” – Your timeline gets flooded with the latest cleanse or quick fix. So instead of sticking with what you have, to see if it works, you switch to this new thing…and withing weeks you’re on to something else. Give the original plan a chance.
  8. use social media for sharing – Share your results and stories with others. Motivate and inspire them. Be mindful of what you take from social media. You can’t believe everything you see. Not everyone you see on Instagram achieved those results the right way…and in the time they claim.

    Using Social Media for Weight Loss Motivation
    You can’t believe everything you see on social media
  9. take breaks – It’s okay to take a week off here and there. You’re not going to completely waste away. Plus, your body needs a chance at a full recovery every couple of months.
  10. stay away from the scale – Just try to get in the jeans you wanted…and stay in them! It doesn’t matter what the scale says if you’re wearing your favorite jeans.

    September marks the start of the fitness new year
    You don’t want to experience this
  11. form a clique – Keep of group of friends/coworkers that are like-minded to stay motivated. You may not workout together, but you can share eating and exercise habits, wins and shortcomings.
  12. join the Winter Transformation– a great way to put all of this in place is to join my Winter Transformation. Six weeks of strength training and conditioning to build muscle and burn fat. You’ll learn the best things to eat and meet others who are trying to do great things for themselves

    Start building muscle in the Winter Transformation
    Start building muscle in the Winter Transformation

Beginners are welcome to join and early-bird pricing (for new members) starts at just $79. Get your questions about the Winter Transformation answered here. This is your chance!

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